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Label van den Berg is specialized in making Dutch design furniture and especially in making Dutch design sofas. Each design is custom made. So there is a wide choice of durable materials. For example, choose from the wide range of leathers for a leather design bank. Several designers who design this furniture for Label van den Berg. The design sofas of Label van den Berg are: Santiago, Swoon, Kameo, Valdivia, Moby Dick, Havanna and Kris. Almost all of these designs are by Gerard van den Berg made outside the Swoon design sofa, this was designed by father and by his son: Gerard and Ivo van den Berg. The cooperation between the product development of Label van den Berg and the designer makes for a nice design but also for high seating comfort. Together is there looking at what the best foam can be used for the design bank and how this in cooperation with the production in Raamsdonksveer can be achieved to an appropriate end product.

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The inspiration of a Dutch design sofa

Designer Gerard van den Berg is very characteristic with its no-nonsense characters that comes back in the designs. The Swoon bank that he and son Ivo van den Berg has designed is inspired on a pillow in bed. If you look at the model you see that it is inspired by a folded pillow. Even the armrests and the outside edges are designed. Ultimately, it is the art according to Gerard itself to as much as possible at the first draft. Problems only makes for a troubled look and because Gerard, as much as possible at the base are the furniture remains timeless. The Swoon is a real no-nonsense design bank.

Modular sofa system

Many consumers want to ultimately decide what model it is and also the shape of the bank, so a 1-, 2-, or 3-seater or a corner sofa. At the design bank Kameo Gerard ensured that everything is possible with this design. The end consumer can fully design the bank to your own taste. By a fabric-or leather color from our collection to add to the bank you can ensure that there is a design to your home state bank where you have a own twist to. This ensures that the models by the hand of the consumer and is in a House yet timeless by design by Gerard van den Berg.

Design Moby Dick

Gerard van den Berg has designed a new bank called: Moby Dick. This design bank has, as with the Kameo, a modular banking system and this can therefore fully apply it to your own design. This design bank has a sturdy look but with a nice soft. Because the back and arms as high you can get yourself in there at all. By the no-nonsense look of the design many people see this as a real bank Gerard van den Berg bank. This design fits nicely with the current collection and is a unique model. In addition to a beautiful design is also the seating comfort is very important. You can find many banks out there nice look but it is also very important that the seating comfort is good and remains. The design bank from our collection is often a showpiece that for a long time in the Interior stands and really among consumers.

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