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> Jasper van den Berg


> Jasper and Marieke van den Berg


> Tonka chair


Jasper van den Berg

‘As a sculptor, I always start out with a model. That model comes to life once I can walk around it, Feel it and sit on it. After the sketch phase, I set to work on a prototype. Thinking ahead is crucial. What materials are we going to use? How will we get the upholstery on? For me, design is about creating a coherent narrative. Material, form and comfort should complement one another. The debate as to whether form follows function or vice versa is not one I that I believe is relevant. They should dovetail.’

At Label | Van Den Berg, we make durable products that people can enjoy for many years. Our sofas and chairs are great to sit on. Even after five years. And you’ll be inseparable a decade later. We want people to come back to the shop because they are fans.