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Jasper van den Berg

‘Like a sculptor, I start sculpting. The model comes to life as soon as I can walk around it.Feel it. I can sit on it. After the sketch phase, I start working with a test model. Thinking ahead is important. What materials are we going to use? How will we get the upholstery around it? For me, design is about making a coherent story. Material, form and comfort should reinforce each other. The discussion of whether form follows function or the other way around is irrelevant to me; they have to coincide.’ At Label | Vandenberg, we make sustainable products that people enjoy for a long time. Our sofas and chairs sit great. Even after 5 years. After 10 years you’re wedded to them. We want people to come back to the store because they are fans.

Jasper van den Berg: “I try to find the right balance between contrasts and similarities both in form and material.”