General maintenance


Dust off the leather with a soft cloth. Then take the leather with a clean, slightly damp cloth or chamois. By types of leather is the specific maintenance per kind of leather mentioned.

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Fabric weekly with a specially reserved and suitable brush at half speed vacuuming.  Ensuring that the brush is undamaged and is specifically suited for fabric.

Important tips:
  • Book a leather pad an soft, lint-free cloth especially for furniture, so that cleaning agents and dirt on the upholstery of the furniture can act.
  • To clean the leather during maintenance, the slightly damp Chamois or cloth need to be moved in circular motions on the leather. Never rub too hard, this will damage the surface of the lining.
  • Direct, bright sunlight affects the color of the leather and fabric strong. So: furniture never in direct sunlight.
  • Put the furniture not too close to a stove or a central heating radiator. Then the Leather can than dry. Also the wooden hull and possibly the wooden legs of the furniture could go pulling and tearing.
  • Not only for yourself, your roommates and plants it’s good to know the humidity level in your living room. Also natural products like leather and wood feel the best at home. We recommend that you keep the humidity around the 60%.
  • Use only maintenance products that are suitable for use on the upholstery of your furniture. Solvents, stain remover, acetone, white spirit, turpentine, shoe cream, etc. are clearly not suitable.
  • Sharp objects to clothes, shoes, buckles of shoes, belts, jewelry and pets can damage the lining. So be prepared for that.
  • The use of medication and perspiration can in some cases damage the leather. This is not a cause for complaints.
  • Furniture remain the longest beautiful as you use them where they are designed for.


  • Faded aniline leather colorize itself (pdf).
  • Information about maintaining your material (pdf)




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